Mobile Homepage

The mobile phone has caused a revolution in many ways. Instead of being attached to a cable we are now mobile.

The mobile phone, especially with the introduction of 3G and the iPhone has moved the internet into our phones. We can now through our phones find the number to the plumber when the water is leaking or we can find the number to a local Chinese restaurant when we are hungry.

Did you know that according to Google:

  • By end of 2011 over half of Americans is predicted to have a smartphone
  • By 2013 more searches are coming from mobile phones than from computers
  • After looking up a local business on the phone:
    • 61% called the business
    • 59% visited the business
  • 79% use their smartphone to help with shopping
  • 74% has purchased something as a result of using their smartphone

You probably get the point by now. Mobile phones are here to stay and they have started a revolution.

Now, let’s get to the mobile friendly design package.

Hosting First Year

Web Hosting is included for the first year for your mobile friendly design package.

Mobile Friendly Homepage Design

You get a mobile friendly website design that is loading fast and easy to navigate on a mobile phone. We have 10+ basic designs you can choose between and each of the design is highly configurable with colors, logos and much more so you get a unique and well functioning design.

Not only are the designs optimized to work well on mobile phones, they also look great.

Mobile Phone Detection

In the mobile friendly design package you also get a mobile detection software that detects if the visitor is using a mobile phone and redirects them to your mobile friendly website.

This software is placed on the “normal” homepage. It probably sounds like “hokus pokus” to you but don’t worry because you get of course free installation of the software.

Domain Name

A domain name is also included in the mobile friendly webdesign package and you are free to choose the domain name you want. We can help you choose if you’re running out of ideas.

Free Website Transfer

We wilIf you already have a traditional website and would like to transfer it to our web hosting, we’ll do it for free. This is actually preferred because it makes it easier for us to install the mobile detection software.

Guaranteed Web Hosting

You don’t have to worry of your web hosting has enough capacity, capability or reliability because we make sure it works for you. Web hosting is included for the first year and from the second year we’ll charge you a small fee for web hosting.

You can find more information about our web hosting at the web hosting package description.

Mobile Detection Updates

New mobile phones keeps coming all the time and the software that detects and redirects mobile phones to the mobile friendly website needs to be constantly updated to reliably detect and redirect mobile phones.

Taking care of this is of course part of our hosting package so you can rest assured that new mobile phones as they are released are detected and redirected correctly.

Content Update Tool

All websites created by us also including mobile friendly websites are built on a content management system which is a software that dynamically build the web page every time a new visitor comes to visit. For us it’s complex to build and maintain but for you it’s great.

You get a user id and password you can login with and easily update and create new content for your website without knowing anything about html code or other programming languages. It’s almost like writing a Microsoft word document and press the publish button. Your website is now updated.

It’s perfect when you want to update your opening hours or change your special offer of the month. You can do this by yourself in a matter of minutes.

But as always, we are there for you if you need us through our web admin service.

Search Engine Optimized

Creating a website no oneĀ  even finds is not fun but we have the solution. Your web design will be optimized for Google, Yahoo and other search engines to ensure that customers can find your website through searching on the web. We will together with you select three relevant and popular keywords to optimize your webpages for so you can get free traffic from Google.

Program Updates

The content management system we build your website on is great because it makes it easy for you to make important updates to your website but there’s also a downside… The system is quite complex and require regular updates to keep if working perfectly with new web browsers and new technology.

As part of the web hosting service we update all software to the latest stable version to keep it working perfectly as new browsers and new technology is introduced.

Program updates are also very important to keep your website updated to meet the latest requirements from Google and other search engines to make sure your website has the best possible position in the search result listings.

Security Updates

Same as for program updates, we keep your website updated with the latest security patches to keep hackers and other people with bad intentions at bay.


We take of course weekly on-site and off-site backups for your entire website so if you made any mistakes it’s possible to recover to your old version of the website.